My favourite apps of 2019

As you may or may not know i do love a good Instagram & Facebook story and very recently you may have seen my daughter and i making some educational tip videos together, so having the right apps and tools to work with has played a big part in editing these videos and stories with complete ease and in the quickest time possible…… So that being said here are my fave phone apps of this year: –

After i have recorded my videos i transfer them all into IMovie and edit them within the app. There are loads of features you can use within the app like adding captions and using different themes and add music. You can import music from your phone too but this is where to have to be a bit careful because a lot of music is copyrighted so you’re not supposed to use them in your videos… so how do we add music thats not got a copyright?…. this leads me onto my next app: –

Soundcloud is a subscription based app where you can access 1000’s of songs and tunes that you can download to your phone. A lot of songs free and usually all the creator asks is that you tag the artist in your video so it gains them more exposure to their music. Some artists may charge a fee before you download them but it’s definitely worth checking out to get some really creative and funky tracks to use on your videos.

I use no copyright sounds in the background of my videos a lot or just search no copyright music and a big list should come up, once you have chosen your track how do you get that to your phone?

Documents app
When using this app you can search the web and use a youtube converter so you can type the youtube link into the converter and then it will download the video into the documents app, once downloaded you can select the video and share it to imovie into the movie you have just edited.
you can then detach the music from the video then drag the sound clip below your edited video, once you have done this it is then safe to delete the music video out of imovie.
And there you have it background music to your video….. simples!

I have been using instagram recently to target new artists and dj’s regarding their music and asking them if i can use it in my videos because why would they say no? They want that FREE exposure FREE shares and FREE likes during the beginning of their journey so this is a great platform to look for music which is usually for free.


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