How many hashtags should you use on each platform

How many hashtags should you use on each platform?


The latest on hashtags! With your host Joanne Maz and co-host Chloe Maz (my daughter).


Twitter – Studies suggest 2 is best


Instagram – Some people say 5 and others say up to 11 but even though you can use up to 30!! a lot say that looks spammy??


Linked In  – Apparently people have reported that they are getting messages from linked in saying there post has been deleted because of spam? or that they can’t even post the post if it contains too many hashtags. The majority of linked in users find that 5 hashtags seam to work a lot better and get better engagement?


How many hashtags should we be using on Twitter, linked In and Instagram? What do you think? How many have you used and what works best for you? Do you use any at all? Let us know what you think by commenting on our video CLICK HERE


Thanks for watching 🙏🏻 Chloe and I appreciate your time 💕

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